Ta Da!

This is Zoe. (Click image for larger viewing options.)

Zoe 3D Ultrasound Collage

Really. We now have confirmation for the third time that we are having a Zoe and not a Connor. I've been freaking out a tad about being surprised in the delivery room with a son instead of a daughter. Either is exciting and wonderful, but the nursery is SO close to being done! The idea of coming home with a baby boy and wanting to redo the entire room was just freaking me out. I love decorating, but not that much people!

Anyway. Back to Zoe. I think she is gorgeous. I love her round little face and her button nose... and look at those cheeks!

Daniel and I had hesitated about doing the 3D/4D ultrasound, but we just sort of stumbled in a place here in town and I fell for the pitch. I wanted the special keepsakes. I wanted to see her little face and body. I wanted confirmation (again) that she was a she. It was a great experience and I totally recommend having it done.

Anywho. Our friend Alison is visiting this weekend and I am SO happy to have her. We haven't seen her in a couple months and it's always nice to have her around. With me not feeling that great lately, it's nice to have our friends come to us. She makes us laugh and helps us big time. I'm hoping she'll be willing to help me and Daniel (OK, just Daniel... but I'll direct) hang the butterflies from the ceiling.


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