Day 2 of 365

So, one of my new friends through Blog 365 has been working on a project that seems interesting. It's called x365 and it was started by Dan Waber. The concept seems simple enough: Every day for a year, write about a different person who has touched your life. You need to have actually have met them in person and still remember their name. The tough thing is, your age limits the number of words you can use. So, for the next 364 (today I'll do two to keep it simple) days I'll be using 31 words ("no more, no less") to describe 365 people I know or have known. I think it will be a cool thing, of course I have no doubt it will get pretty difficult after say, the first one hundred.

So here goes:

1. Martha D.
You were my Nana. You’ve been gone for over two years and every day I wish you were here to talk to. You would adore your great granddaughter and she you.

2. Edgar D.
You introduced me to Shakespeare and Vonnegut before I was ten. You were funny, charming and a wonderful photographer. I'm pretty sure you're the reason I like tattoos, roses and photography.


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