Monday Weigh In

The first few days of "the marathon" have been good. Setting goals is important for me. This is the first time in a long time I've really taken changing my eating habits so seriously. I'm not counting when I monitored my carbs for the gestational diabetes because my main motivation was Zoe's well being. Now I'm doing it for me and I'm taking the lessons I learned from my pregnancy and applying them to now. It is an eye opener to read on the Weight Watchers site that I am obese. I want to lead a healthier life. I want to feel energized and in shape. I'm going to use this blog as a tool to help me accomplish that.

So here goes: Every Sunday night Daniel is going to take a picture of me to log this process in pics. This is the first one:

Weight Watcher Mania

Weigh In : 240 lbs (-10lbs from Friday - it must have been water weight*)
Measurements: 48-41-50

I'll be posting a pic (and the info) every Monday on my flickr and going forward, I'll do a blog post about it on the first Monday of the month.

Some observations:

1. It's been a long time since I've had so much water.
2. I pee as frequently as I did when I was in my third trimester.
3. Less food is more satisfying than I thought, especially if I eat slower.
4. I can't believe (given my health) that I'm only now taking a woman's multi vitamin other than the prenatals I took for Zoe.
5. Using Zoe as my exercise equipment is fun - for both of us.
6. I'm actually excited for the exercise bike to arrive (a week from tomorrow).
7. Having a supportive husband (and friends) makes all the difference.
8. Disclosing my weight is actually sort of freeing.
9. I am very excited to go down sizes and shop for new clothes. Possibly too excited for my own good.
10 Tiniest Snack EVER:

WTF, Weight Watchers

WTF, Weight Watchers.

* - I weighed myself with the same amount of clothes (t-shirt & sweats, no shoes) each time at roughly the same time of day. Since this is such a big loss for just three days, I'm thinking I might just take it in stride and count 240 as my start weight. What do you think? I want this first weigh in to be a little victory, but is it?


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