Don't do it.

Dear Stupid Receptionist Girl,

If I walk up to your reception desk and look fairly miserable, please do not tell me that I am wrong and do not have an appointment to see my gynocologist. Do not tell me I must be mistaken and then turn away from me (without saying excuse me) to have a conversation with someone else about something as trivial as what you ate for lunch today. Do not turn back to me and say "What were we doing again?" and "Oh, yes. You're not supposed to be here." Yeah. That might piss me off since I've had a Y.I for the past three days and was on the phone at eight this morning to get an appointment TODAY. Today, because I knew I could not wait another freaking day before I got me some strong, fast acting medication to make me all better. Also, do not act condescending towards me - that REALLY ticks me off. And I could do with out your sarcasm, because you know what? I'm so much better at sarcasm than you!

Thanks. Thanks a lot. You made my day. Truly.

- The lady you called Kelly, three times even though I corrected you twice.


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