Sunday's are my favorite

We're having a relaxing day:

Grocery shopping and menu planning for the week is done.
Playing with the baby.
Playing with the dog children.

Soon, I'll make some more Apple/Pear Sauce for Zoe and then I'll get to work on the Scallop & Corn Chowder recipe I got from the new cookbook. I'm making some cornbread to go with it and I'm all excited!

We didn't get to use the hot tub last night - the thing takes forever to heat up! We'll give it a go tonight after the monkey is tucked in.

This is what I meant to show you yesterday:

Portrait of a Young Target Shopper

We got a shopping cart/highchair cover at a local baby store so we don't have to carry in the infant seat every time we go to a store with a cart. It's very easy to set up and Zoe loves the thing. It's like a new world has opened up to her! Now she can look around at all the wonderful things Target has to offer! Now she can smile and flirt with all her adoring fans! And when she gets tired, she can even lay down and take a nap:

Pooped Target Shopper

I wish they made these in adult sizes.


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