"Best-Laid Plans...

of mice and men often go awry."

Ain't that the truth!

So I have a cute post for you, but flickr is down and it's just not the same without pictures to make it pretty. So.... I'm saving that for tomorrow, because, you know, I now post every day.

Please, carry on with your Saturday and we will too! Zoe is off to Cheryl's in twenty minutes and we're off for dinner, a movie and possibly some hot tubbin' if it heats up and we're not too tired from our wild night on the town. Sometimes, it's the spur of the moment stuff that is the most fun. This from the obsessive planner! I'm making strides in 2008, strides!


10. Josephine
Opera diva, Actress, Producer. You took me on as a student when I was thirteen and taught me poise, technique and how not to make funny faces when hitting high notes.


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