A Little Help From My Friends, Please:

So I was alerted yesterday that Regis and Kelly are doing this little contest and that I should send in a picture of Zoe. Alrighty. Don't have to tell me more than once! The thing is: I've lost my ability to choose amongst the 100's of photos I've taken of the monkey. I mean, I think she's cute when she poops! And that right there is just one of the things that proves a mom's love is unconditional. Oy.

Which One?

So which one? You tell me. I only have until 5PM ET on Friday before the contest is over. Oh, and all you other hot mama's with the beautiful babies should enter, too!* Surely, one of our baby's should win! I mean, come on! ;)

Oh, and here's my x365:

8. A.A.B
We've had some rough patches, but our friendship persevered. For that I’m grateful. I’ve no doubt we‘ll always be in each other’s lives. Your strength, drive, talent and determination amaze me.

* - Just so you know: The rules say your baby must be between 6 and 48 months old to be eligible. If this were not the case I SO would have linked to Kate, Victoria, Ali, etc. Clearly, this contest doesn't know what it's missing.


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