I would not say that I'm much of a shopper. Sure, there was a time when I wanted to buy lots of new outfits and cute shoes were hard to resist... but now, not so much. Purses are a thing of the past for me - and even then I only had a few purses that were all way less than $100 bucks each that I would use until they were worn away to nothing. At this point I'm all about the diaper bag - I could see myself getting addicted to those, maybe. Shoes? Well, ever since I decided it was best for my physical well being (I'm a klutz and I get bad vertigo - not a good combination) to not wear high heals, I've lost my fascination. I'm all about Keen's and other comfy shoes now. If I can't walk comfortably in my shoes for a couple hours, then forget it.

But that's not to say I don't have other shopping vices.

Like for instance, music. Before I got pregnant with Zoe I was buying multiple CD's or downloads from iTunes weekly. I've missed my music sprees and may need to set myself a budget for it again - maybe one or two new CD's a month?

And DVD's. Daniel and I have a DVD problem that we justified by not having cable*. We cut waaay back by getting Netflix, but we still peruse that section of Target, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, etc like the DVD fiends we are.

But our REAL problem is our gadgetry fascination. Since meeting Daniel, I have become just as much a gadget geek (maybe more) as he is. We're an Apple family (still looking for an iBaby t-shirt for the kiddo) through and through.

Fresh roses from the front & back yards

MacBook Pro's, iPods, Nano, iPhone. I squealed with delight when I saw the Leopard promo videos and was most pleased that Daniel got me the software for Christmas this year. And today I had way too much excitement gearing up to the new unveilings at MacWorld Expo. I've since done the software update on my phone and requested Daniel come home for lunch so we could find out about the new stuff together: NERD ALERT!!!! And then I practically drooled over Apple TV. "They had me with the photo features!" Yes, I said that and I'm pretty sure my face was glowing and my eyes were dilated from the euphoria.

And don't even get me started on cameras! I have a list of things I've been resisting getting for some time now.

Sick, sick, gadget obsessed woman. Is there a therapy group I can go to?

* - Thinking we might buckle and get cable. I've been wanting it for the past year now, and with the 2008 election coverage and the Olympic Games in Beijing I feel like we'd really be missing out not having cable. Daniel is still resisting though.


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