Baby Blogger

So for some reason, our baby is fascinated by gadgets. Laptops, computers, cell phones, cameras, you name it! If Zoe sees one, she wants it. I don't know how this happened! What I do know is that it was getting hard for me to blog or be on the computer at all around her because she would reach for the keyboard and cause general havoc. So, we got her a "Laugh-top". The age for it 3-7*, but she seems to be doing just fine. She likes pressing the keys and hearing the music and voices.

Baby Blogger

I gave it to her this afternoon to play with and she squealed with delight (and got right to work). Cutest thing I've ever seen and I've got to say it makes me beam to see her on a computer having a good time.

* Funny thing is, I asked Daniel to get it out of it's packaging last night because I knew I wouldn't have the patience for all the tape and stuff they use to keep it secure in the box. He opens it up, turns it on and the computer prompts him to press the letter "V". My very smart husband pushes a random letter that was not "V". Mr. Gadget man didn't get it at first. He says he thought the "V" was a arrow pointing down. After some teasing, I told him: "You know I have to blog this, right?"


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