About Last Night

It's interesting how just one week of new eating habits changes you. Last night I decided I wanted to splurge on something ridiculous to eat. I'd used only 13.5 of my daily 31 points and hadn't used any of my points allowance for the week (35) so I went online to check what the points were for some Carl's Jr.

One $6 Jalapeno Burger and medium fries = 36 points!

Maybe it was the mood I was in, or that I'd been bad and not had a midday snack like I've been doing, but I thought my hunger deserved those 36 points. Screw the nice salmon and salad or the whole wheat pasta we'd purchased! Forget the red bell peppers and hummus! I wanted a greasy, fattening cheeseburger with "Santa Fe" sauce and jalapenos, dammit!

Fast forward to thirty anti-climactic minutes later and I was regretting my choice. My meal left me feeling weighted down and lethargic. I felt like I had a lump in my stomach. I did not feel satisfied, I felt overly full and sloppy - like I was what I just ate. I won't be rushing to do that again. Why spend all those points on a less than stellar meal when I can eat something much better for me, (that tastes better) at a quarter of the points?

You know, it does put it all in perspective for me though.To think, all those previous times where I've splurged! If I looked at say, the holidays or a weekend with Daniel going out to breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner... I was probably getting at least three times the calories I should have been getting. For a society that is so obsessed with body image, we (and by we, I mean me) sure do know how to eat like gluttons.


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