Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

First things first:

3. B.D.
You’ve been doing my hair for five years. You’re expensive and never get my hair as dark as I want. I’d break up with you if I didn’t feel so guilty.

Whew. That felt good!

Speaking of hair: My wonderful husband decided Tuesday night that he wanted to see what his face looked like under his mustache and beard, so he shaved it all off. I've got to say, it was a little weird at first. In the almost five years (Jan. 18th) we've been together I have never seen my husbands entire face except in some old pictures. When he got into bed, I made him leave the light on for a bit so I could get used to the "new" man next to me. He wasn't so sure what he thought of it and suggested I put up some pics of him to let y'all decide, but I said no. I think he looks good (and TEN years younger!) but I sort of miss the facial hair. Kind of funny since I never liked it before him. Truth is, he looks good to me no matter what he does. Rawr!


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