Yesterday & Today

Yesterday we took Zoe to her Cheryl's so we could have a date night. We ate lots of good sushi, I drank a nice glass of wine and he had sake. We walked around a hardware store and I tried to take advantage of my husband and get him to buy some patio furniture but he wasn't drunk enough (I kid, I kid!). After that we sat in a branch of that coffee store that seems to be taking over the world and we talked.

And we moved our chat to Target while we walked in circles not really looking at anything particular.... except the men's bathing suits. Turns out the bathing suit my husband has been wearing for the last five years is the same bathing suit he purchased when he was in 7th grade! This news was a complete surprise to me and was just the thing I needed to hear to make me laugh for a bit. We purchased him a new suit and he has no intention of throwing the old one away. Crazy talk.

Today we spent our time watching "It Happened One Night" and then "The Kingdom". We cuddled on our couch and spent our day being a couple instead of Zoe's mom and dad. We read in bed and took a short nap. We played with the dogs. We needed today - *I* needed today.

We picked Zoe up at five and took her to our favorite spot (Borders) to look at books and then we grabbed some dinner and went back home. As much as I enjoyed last night and today, our house feels more full when Zoe is here with us. When it all comes down to it: I am happy. I'm just striving for more and I'm trying to be everything for everyone. I never learned how to juggle, maybe now it's time. Wish me luck with that, OK?


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