Smug, Party of One

In a conversation yesterday at the party we went to, Daniel mistakenly quoted our wedding anniversary as June 5th, 2005. He corrected himself when I gave him "the eyebrow look" (and smiled). To make up for the lapse, he quickly rattled off my birthday to show how on top of his important dates he was. I jokingly* stopped him before he could reveal my year of birth (1976) in front of our new friend.

Easter 2008

The new friend (a girl who just moved out here a few months ago with her husband - Zoe loved her) was quick to tell me I couldn't be older than she was. I laughed a little at this. Without really meaning to, it was like we were competing for who was the oldest.

"Oh, I don't know! How old are you?"


"I'm 31."


I'm not going to lie, this part of our conversation was one of the highlights of my weekend - especially since I'm sporting quite a few white and gray hairs at the moment. I pushed my next hair** appointment back a bit so I can be stylin' when we go to San Antonio for Fiesta in mid-April.

* I'm actually not in the least bit ashamed of my age. This has taken a bit, but I'm sort of happy with where I'm at now and I'm looking forward to aging gracefully.

I like her "What the Heck" look

**I'm seriously considering taking the plunge and finally going red, thoughts on this?


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