Inspired by my fellow bloggers, I decided to join in the fun with the Self-Portrait Truthiness Group started by Sweetney. I was kind of apprehensive about the whole thing because who wants to see me first thing in the morning besides my husband and Zoe? But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to give it a go. You see, I lasted like, ten days with the 365 portrait thing. I just couldn't get enthused about taking a pic of myself every darn day and I felt this need to try to look good and impress, and well... it just wasn't me. I found myself being very self conscious and just dreading trying to do it. Plus, I've already committed to blogging every darn day, much more than that and I start to feel like this is homework. I have enough homework, people!

SO! Here's my truthiness:

Truthiness Collage

No make-up. No shower (for two days - I took one after this). No brush. And truth be told - it was kind of freeing. And I started to really have fun and just allowed myself to be silly. This is the Keely my husband fell in love with. This is the Keely who makes my daughter laugh. This is the real me, the goofy me, the girl who laughs at immature jokes and who likes to make people happy. This is the girl who hates the phone and gets nervous when she meets new people - but will be your best email pal and will let you in to see the "real" me once I trust you. This is the girl who loves to be behind the lens, but sort of enjoys being in front of it as well. This is the girl who is taking a break from theatre, but ADORES being on stage and getting to take on different personas. I like sharing how I feel. I'm expressing to a fault, sometimes. I don't hide my emotion well. I'm a horrible liar. And I like making funny faces.

See the whole set HERE in the order they were taken.

If you took part in this, let me know. I'd love to see your truthiness!


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