Ready for the Weekend

We'd planned on going to San Diego to be with my parents this weekend, but since we'll be there for Easter weekend (and my Dad's birthday) we opted to stay in town and relax. Yay! for relaxation, Boo! for Bakersfield. It's the weekends when I most feel like I'd rather we lived somewhere else... but we've made do and had a nice day. Here's the breakdown:

1. Lunch at the new Thai Fusion place I took my parents to Monday. Chicken Satay. Crab Cakes. Chicken Curry. YUM.
2. Shopping at Target and looking around for ideas for the baby shower we'll be throwing next month. Ideas anyone?
3. Spending the afternoon at Borders, writing and relaxing. Zoe yelled and sang the entire time, it was lovely. We purchased some new cookbooks that I'm looking forward to using.
4. Made a pasta dish with tuna and cinnamon from the new Jamie Oliver book. Daniel liked it, I'm still trying to make my mind up about it.
5. Currently we're watching "Death at a Funeral" and really, well I'm enjoying it so much (so far) that I really should stop blogging and pay attention. Besides, Zoe just unplugged my computer....


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