What I Did Last Summer Weekend

It's been a busy last few days and I'm feeling quite exhausted (but quite happy) from all of it.

Zoe and I went to the airport to pick up Mel (who now resides in Houston) on Friday. The three of us went out to lunch, had a quick shopping trek at Target and then spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and playing. We also built the walker/car that Mel got Zoe as an early birthday present... the straight forward directions cracked me up. That evening, Daniel, Zoe, Mel and I went to a local coffee house and saw our friends Near Miss Mallet perform. Zoe was a ball of energy and barely stood still, but we all had a good time and I was grateful that Zoe seemed to enjoy herself and all the people watching.

Saturday was filled with more hanging out and playing. We went to one of my favorite places for breakfast and then one of Mel's favorite Mexican restaurants for dinner with some more friends of ours (hey, Cristina!). That night, we played it mellow and watched an episode of Moonlight we downloaded. I'm telling you, we are exciting hosts! But really, Mel doesn't need to be given the famous Bakersfield tour. Her trip was all about spending quality time with the bebeh, and us.

I took Mel to the airport Sunday morning and my parents arrived at our house while I was on my way home. They actually got into town the night before, but stayed at a hotel since Mel was in our guest room and their trip was more spur of the moment. Zoe was loving going from having Mel here to getting to have her Nana and Grandpa dote on her. We all had a late breakfast and then went back to the house so everyone could take a much needed nap. EXCITING!!!! I know, you can barely stand it! That night we went out to dinner because we were too lazy to cook. Zoe spent the entire time staring at everyone else in the restaurant. She flirted with people at nearby tables (especially the men with facial hair) and was intrigued by our waiter (he was 'Lex Luthor' bald and PALE! We ended up coming home and watching 'Breach' - which was good, but I didn't really enjoy the movie.

My parents left late this afternoon after we had a lovely lunch at a new Thai Fusion place in town and then we went and finally picked up Zoe's birth certificate that she'll be needing for her first flight in April (more on that later). The restaurant was so good, Zoe and I took her dad back for dinner tonight. I had Mac n' Cheese (with 5 cheeses, truffles and lobster!) that was SO not something I should have eaten, but DAMN it was good! If you're ever in Bakersfield*, we're likely to take you there for lunch or dinner.

Right now Zoe is in her "magic seat" yelling and singing and watching her father and I type on our computers. We've enjoyed having our guests, but I've got to say it's sort of nice to be just the three (well, five - if you count the dog children) of us again. I skipped Crockpot Challenge this week, but I thing I'll try to make something later. Tomorrow is another date night for me and Daniel and I'm really looking forward to that.

Have I mentioned how happy I am? I hope your weekend was just as good....


* Or if you're a fellow Bakersfield-ian!


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