The plan was to be in San Diego right now, but with Daniel and I both not feeling so hot we've postponed our trip until tomorrow. I've got us packed and nearly ready to go, so the only issue will be whether Daniel is feeling good enough to make the trip.

I really hope we're all feeling healthy tomorrow.

You see, it's my Dad's birthday tomorrow and I really want the three of us there to help celebrate.

And then there's this whole Easter thing. Daniel and I are not religious people. I consider us to be spiritual, and that's it. But for some reason, now that we have Zoe - I'm all excited to dress her up in a Easter dress and take her on some special outing to celebrate the day and Spring. Having a child makes me remember all those special Easter dresses, hats, gloves, new sandals that my parents and Nana used to get me. When I was packing our suitcase this afternoon and was loading all my black and dark blue things I had this sudden urge to go shopping for myself. No hat, no white gloves, or a new purse - but I did get a cute flower printed top, some cream pants and some new sandals. I felt like Nana was smiling down on me.

Now, lets see how clean I'm able to keep my pants with Zoe hanging all over me. ;)


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