Stand by Me

Our little girl may skip crawling (forward, she has backwards covered!) all together. It seems she only enjoys being on her feet and has been venturing on doing it on her own - actually pushing our hands away as we anxiously watch her every move. She laughs when she pulls herself up to standing position and then laughs some more when she makes steps forward. Her legs are wobbly, but strong. I'm quite sure she'll be running through the house soon, and then we're really in trouble!

Stand by Me

Meanwhile, Bailey is anxiously watching as the once quiet, immobile baby grows up and demands even more attention. It's hard to tell if she is excited that she'll have a new playmate or if she feels threatened by the baby on the move, with the loud voice. I have caught her enjoying Zoe petting her (gently now - or as gentle as a 9 month old can be) and she seems content with the monkey, comfortable even.


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