Day Two: Locked Out

I'm sick. Sore throat, drainage, achy bones, migraines, cranky sick. So sick that I catch myself frowning and groaning in misery. Except of course when Zoe is in the room with me. When Zoe is with me I am squealing, smiling, dancing around, and making that growling noise into her neck that makes her laugh with a snort. While I may be sick, when Zoe is around I do not have the luxury of acting sick because who wants to drag a five month old into their misery? Not me. And truthfully, her presence makes me feel less sick and less grumpy.

That said, Zoe is at Cheryl's today so that I can wallow in misery rest without feeling the need to entertain and so that I can get better. I really need to feel better, people.

So I spent all morning sleeping. Well, most of the morning.

At around 8am I woke up with a (ok, ANOTHER) horrible feeling. Bladder infection. No, I haven't been officially diagnosed but I know that's what it is. Time for even more water and cranberry juice and just working through it. Gah! This is the last thing I need.

At around 9am I woke up because I realized I needed to unlock the side gate for the gardeners. I did so and crawled back into bed only to wake up again to them mowing and the dogs freaking out. I resolved to sleep anyway and covered my head with a pillow while the gardeners worked and the dogs raised hell. Nightmare.

At around 11:30 am I woke up because there was a nice hush over the house and I realized the dogs probably needed to get outside for a potty break now that the gardeners were gone. I sneaked a peak out the front window looking for the gardener’s truck and when I didn't see it I proceeded to the garage to go lock the side gate again so the dogs could do their business. And then I got locked in the garage. Grumble. Grrr.

I was sick, barefoot, feeling the need to pee (but couldn't), cold, cranky and locked in the garage. Lucky for me, I had my cell phone. I called Daniel. When he didn't answer, I called again. When he didn't answer, I text messaged him: "Call your wife. ASAP." He called. I told him what had happened and he said he'd be home right away. My knight. My hero. So all I had to do was wait. I thought to myself how good it was that I'd elected to put some pants on before going into the garage, and then I tried the door to the Highlander. Unlocked, thank goodness. So I sat there text messaging Twitter and being grateful that Daniel worked close by and that Zoe was safe and happy with Cheryl.

Right this moment? I'm in the house again. The dogs have been outside and are now zonked out on the sofa. I'm doing my post for today and thinking it's time for me to get back into bed for some more sleep. Getting locked in the garage is all the excitement I can handle for today, but at least it gave me something to blog about.

More exciting adventures tomorrow, I'm sure!


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