Day Nineteen: iPhone Rocks

Currently I am walking around Best Buy,blogging on my iphone while on a date with my husband. This shows two things:
technology is awesome and I am way too commited to NaBloPoMo. Seriously.


So, I felt guilty for only posting a few sentences earlier. Not much more to add except tonight has been divine. Zoe is with Cheryl. Daniel and I got to have some "us time" before we go to San Diego this Wednesday. We had a nice dinner. I had an adult beverage. We walked around Pier One and Best Buy and Target. We joked and flirted and talked about things besides cute baby, poo and spit up (and then, we might have talked about all those things too). I feel refreshed having had tonight. I am in a blissful mood. Date nights absolutely rock and I highly recommend them. Excuse me while I go snuggle with my man.

- Keely

P.S. - This is not a drunk post. It's not even a tipsy post. This is just happiness, folks. Cheers!


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