Day Ten: Contagious

My little monkey is sick. Last night we could hear little coughs through the baby monitor and this morning we heard her coughing in a series of bursts. When I went into her room, she was coughing but happily playing with the mirror in her crib. My baby LOVES the mirror, being sick isn't going to screw that up. I took this smiling, happy baby out of her crib and layed her on her changing table. The plan was to take her temperature, but she started coughing so much that she was choking just a little and yellow mucous came out of her mouth.*

The weird thing is, that as I'm freaking out about the mucous and feeling guilty that I've passed on my creeping crud to her (and Daniel, poor thing is sniffling right next to me) she squirming around and smiling and being a morning person in spite of it all. Where's the wallowing in misery? I wallow and her dad? He's looking pretty miserable too. Zoe? She a happy (sick) camper.

But we called her pediatrician anyway.

"My daughter is sick. This is the first time she's been sick and I don't know what to do."
"How old is she?"
"Almost six months."
"Please hold....... The doctor says to use saline drops and to elevate her when she's eating."
"Ummmm. OK. So, whast should I do about the coughing and the yellow mucous?"
"Oh. Well she needs to come in. We have a 10:15."

Call me crazy, but shouldn't they have asked what her symptoms were before just telling me to use saline and elevate her? What if I'd just taken that advice and hung up? Hello, new mom here! But we're OK. Zoe has had her breakfast and ate like a champ. She's looking around and smiling and watching the dogs play and looking confused by all our concern. You wouldn't know she was sick looking at her, except for the coughing and Darth Vader impersonations.

Well. Here's my blog post for the day. NaBloPoMo continues in spite of sickness. Blogging, in sickness and in health. Look how commited I am. Now it's off to the pediatrician with us.

* I know, yuck... but this is my life now so you're getting to hear about it.

Update: Zoe is going to be fine.We're back from the doc and it's good that the mucous is breaking up. Also good that she is relatively cheerful despite the coughing and she doesn't have a fever. We've been told to keep her sitting up or elevated and to feed her lots. This will be just fine with her, I'm sure. The good news is that with all the rice cereal, bananas, sweet potatoes, formula and breast milk, Zoe is putting on the pounds. She's up two pounds from when we had to add formula to her diet so, Yay! :)


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