Day Five: Yuck

It amazes me how even though I can be completely grossed out by something someone I love does; I love them all the more. Is that the true test of love? Loving despite differences and in spite of gross habits or maladies. I don't know. What I do know is I love Daniel no less when he is sick; I love him more. And Zoe can throw up all over me (and if I'm not careful - in my mouth) and I still adore her. In just a few short months she has made poop, throw up and pee a part of my daily life and conversation and I love the little monkey to pieces. Right now you're probably thinking, "She's my daughter, of course I love her."

Well, yeah. But what about my love for the dog children?

Max? He eats poo. Almost every single day, I think. When he's craving a snack and I've not given him enough treats to his liking, he goes outside and gets some poo. Sometimes he brings it in and eats it in front of me. This is really gross. Disgusting. But I still love him. I spray special mouthwash in his mouth that his vet gave us to kill the germs and try to dissuade him of the habit. I yell a little and tell him he's gross and that he should not eat poo, but I love him. In spite of his vice he is the sweetest little pug I know. He's my "son". I love him no matter what he does.

Bailey? She has stink butt. And I don't just mean farting (but she does have a major problem with that too). Boston Terriers have this issue where they emit a metallic, icky smell from their butt. They can become impacted and they leak a fluid that just reeks of this metal smell. It's disgusting. Bailey knows it's disgusting and she's embarrassed by it. Deep down, I think she is a girly girl. I think she knows we don't like it when she has stink butt and she jumps around nervously and puts her back to us when she's having her problem. It's easily fixed: we just take her to the vet and they work their magic. But YUCK! And yet I love her. She's my first baby and a little bit of stink won't sway that, ever.

"Love means never having to say you're sorry"**... for all the disgustingly gross things you do? Hmmm.

**Oh, Love Story... how I love you!


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