Day One

So, here's my first post for NaBloPoMo. Yay! Er. Yes. So my head says "Yay!" but my body and specifically my throat say "Shut up and go back to bed already!" I'm sick. It sucks. I'm feeling a little grouchy about the whole thing.

What I'm not feeling grouchy about is last night. Zoe's first Halloween was fun. I dressed her in her pumpkin outfit and then pulled together my costume quickly. Overalls+Green Checked shirt of husband+Boots+Cowboy hat= Pumpkin Farmer (or if you really want to milk the connection, Pumpkin Grower. Zoe got a kick out of my hat and watching me put on my makeup. She was all smiles for most of the evening and I got some cute shots of us together in Photo Booth:

Zoe's 1st Halloween

When Daniel got home we loaded the pumpkin up and drove to Cheryl's to trick or treat. We took some pics and then Chuck videotaped us so we could share with the grandparents... and all of you. We'll have to do more video more often. I have quite a few waiting to be uploaded, but I can't get our new camcorder that my parents got us last Christmas to connect to my Mac. Slightly scared to put the DVD-R into my Mac and have it disappear forever. Someone tell me that is an irrational fear, please.

Anyway. Trick or treating wore Zoe out. While she took a little nap we ate our dinner and handed out candy to the neighborhood kids. I had gotten three bags and was told this would be more than enough, but since I was giving three pieces to each kid we started running out. We turned our lights out at 8pm but still had kids come to the door so we ended up giving away the candy Cheryl gave us. Too bad, I was looking forward to the Junior Mints.

We topped off the night by stopping by a Halloween party at one of the local theatre's here. It was fun to see so many of our friends and to show off Zoe. By the time we got home, we were all tired and I had started feeling the day catch up with me. Being sick sucks, but I'm glad I got a brief reprieve and we got to celebrate Halloween.


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