Day Twenty-Six: Getting Out

Today was Zoe's 6 month "Well Baby" visit. I'm not even going to talk about the entire insurance debacle where I had to physically resist the urge to freak out at the front desk girl who talked down to me and tried to get me to pay $352 that we do not in fact owe even if the office and our insurance company have their wires crossed. We do not owe the money. The office has made a mistake that they said they'd corrected last month, but now have forgotten. I was irked. Seriously irked. But I am not going to write about it here so don't get me started. Mkay?

Zoe is now 25.5 inches long and 15 pounds 1.25 ounces. The doc says she is gaining weight at a good pace again and is healthy. He pointed out her chub and said she was "obviously healthy". So that's awesome and a huge weight off my shoulders. Also cool is that we don't have to get any more shots until February. My goodness! I absolutely hate Zoe getting shots. She does so well with the first few, but that fourth one is the last straw and today we added another and got her a flu shot. She was pissed!

But a hug and some dancing around the exam room was all she needed to get her laughing again so I loaded her up and drove her to Borders. THAT was a event.

1. I ordered myself a blended peppermint mocha. I tried one lid that was too small, so I reached for another and got chocolate and whipped cream all over my boob sweater. Oh, and there were some broken up pieces of candy cane too. The one time I splurge and get whipped cream. Oh well, if it's not that it's spit up. Can't take me anywhere.

2. A lady came up to me while I was cleaning up and told me I had a very cute little boy.
"Thank you. She's a girl." (She was wearing ALL pink)
"How old is he?"
"SHE'S 6 months."
"He's so small!"
"Yes. He is."
And then she touched her cheek and hand and I nodded and smiled but inside I was screaming. I don't mean to be unfriendly, but why do strangers think it's OK to touch her without asking? Is it our six sentence exchange?

3. Just as Zoe was falling asleep while I walked around a toddler came running up to the stroller, threw his arms in and grabbed her hand and yelled "Baby!" Yay. Zoe was cool with it though and smiled. The mom and toddler proceeded to follow me all around Borders like baby stalkers. It was a little odd.

4. I found a discreet little corner to sit and send Twitter updates about my experience while Zoe napped. A little old lady came up and admired Zoe. Talked to Zoe while she slept. Sat down next to me for ten minutes and stared at Zoe sleeping. It was sweet, but also just a little odd. She was sleeping after all.

5. Overall, we had a nice time. It's nice to get out and do things while pushing her around even if we do get approached by all her admirers.


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