Day Twenty-NIne:

Twenty nine days go by of constant posting and I have writers block. I'm tired and frankly, ready for a break. Daniel is off tomorrow. I think we're going to actually hang some things on our walls, do some recycling and maybe even make some chili. Saturday night we're having friends over. Daniel will play Brock on the new PS3. Melissa and I will chat. Zoe might play with Remy who is almost a year old now and we'll all try to entertain Mazzy (age 3 ) and Phoenix (age 8). I'm excited to have them over because now we can actually do so and not be cramped in our tiny dark living room.

What else? We still haven't gotten our security and pet deposits back from the landlord who said we were "tenants from heaven". California law says within 21 days and it's been 29. I've called and emailed. She responded Monday and said she'd get back to me Wednesday. She hasn't and I'm pissed. But I'm trying to take a deep breath since it's the holiday season but it's the holiday season and that's not small change. Sometimes I feel like we get jerked around because we're so nice and that sucks.

Beyond that, I've got nothing. Maybe tomorrow I'll end the month with some brilliant, funny post....

or maybe I'll just post some pics of the dog children and Zoe. We'll see.


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