Day Twenty-One: Misc.

Nope, not pregnant again. We're enjoying having Zoe to ourselves for a while before that becomes a focus again. She is really getting to be a handful now!

Also, not a new blog design. Still tossing the idea around though. I've considered starting a new one up using Wordpress. And then there's really utilizing this Mac and building a page from scratch.... but that requires knowledge and time that I am lacking. And really? I'm starting to feel like six people read this blog even though my stat counter says otherwise. Sometimes I feel really good about a post and I get no response at all and it makes me question why I do this. I mean, I know why I write... but why publish it if it feels like you have no one responding. It's early, I'm a little cranky and I'm just being honest.

The big change is that I'll be in a show in January. I auditioned last Sunday for Imaginary Friends by Nora Ephron. I got the part of Mary McCarthy (one of the leads). It's a comedy/drama/show with music (but not a musical). I'll be on stage most of the time and I get to sing. This is the first time in a year that I've been involved with a show and I am really excited (and a little nervous).

Daniel thought I should do this. I'll rehearse for a month, Sundays thru Thursdays from 6-10 while he takes care of Zoe. I'll miss them both, but I have also missed having this outlet and I think getting involved in theatre again will be good for my soul and spirit. As a friend said, it's important that I nourish my passions.

So that's my news. Yay! Now, excuse me. I need to get the entire family ready for our trip to San Diego. I want to get on the road ASAP so we don't have to deal with too much traffic.


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