Day Thirty: Take it to the limit

It's funny how becoming a parent changes you. We went from being a couple to being a family and our priorities have changed. When Daniel and I first started out we weren't entirely sure we wanted a child. When we got pregnant we talked about how we wanted Zoe to get to have a sibling (I have two half brothers but was essentially an only child) like Daniel does. As time has gone by and we've gotten to enjoy Zoe, the prospect of a larger family is not as threatening to us. I grew up with four aunts and four uncles and a slew of cousins, there is a part of me that wants that for my grandchildren. My family got to celebrate a few family reunions together and I want that for our family as it grows. We're not trying to extend our family right this minute, but at the same time we are planning for the future and no longer putting a limit on ourselves. Well, maybe that's not true. Our previous limit had been two and now? Maybe three or four. Maybe.

I think one of the biggest lessons I've learned since becoming a mother is the possibilities are limitless and that is very exciting. We take each day as it comes and try not to speak in definite terms about the things that we cannot control 100%. It's not always easy, but it leaves our options open without making us feel like failures.

Something I definitely didn't fail at: posting every single day for NaBloPoMo! I wasn't sure I could do it, but I am so glad I did because it awarded me some "me time". So even if I don't win an actual prize, I've won.

See you tomorrow. Maybe. ;)


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