Day Sixteen: Puppy love

I am so proud of Max and Bailey and how they’ve adjusted to all the change they’ve had in their lives recently. First they had to get used to not being able to pounce on my tummy whenever they wanted because I had a resident. Then, they had to get used to a new little human in their house: a little human who demands a lot of attention and cries. If that wasn’t enough, we relocated our family across town and they had a new house and yard to contend with. To make things even more interesting, they don’t have a doggie door so they have to “ask” to be let outside. They are the awesome and haven't had a single accident (knock on wood). And then? Zoe has recently started to really take notice of her “brother” and “sister”. She "pets" them and watches them and grabs on to their collars and fur without a grumble from them. It's like they're finally getting what they've wanted from her: attention. The dog children have been little angels (aside from stealing burp cloths and binkies). They come running to get me if the baby cries or makes a noise showing any distress.

Best pug "brother" ever

Max is protective of Zoe and is often laying right next to her or looking over her. He’s also quick to lend a hand tongue if needed to clean up spit up, or cereal, etc.

Super Bailey!

Bailey is a little more stand offish, but she does like to snuggle with Zoe and me on the couch. She’s eagerly waiting for the baby to be really useful and actually throw a toy for her. Occasionally, Bailey will rest a toy in front of the baby (or on her lap) and wait for that toss. Soon girl, soon.

On the way to her doctor*

I have a feeling things are going to get even more interesting soon. The little monkey is wanting to crawl.....


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