Day Twenty: Music Makes the People Come Together

Ever sing along with a song and kind of fudge your way through the lyrics? Add an extra "la" or make up words that you think sound right with the melody. Ever since I was a kid, I've been singing along to what I hear on the radio. Doesn't matter if it's the first time I've heard the song or not, I'll soon jump in and sing whatever words I've gathered that the actual artist is singing at the top of my lungs. I have this feeling it might be annoying to just about everyone except my mom as she's always begging me to sing and I kindly refuse.

There are times though when I am absolutely positive I am singing the right words. So adamant that when I'm singing the song in bed to be funny and my husband tries to correct me, I tell him that he is wrong. I KNOW the lyrics! And when I start acting all excited and wronged by his doubting he asks me to not run into the living room to look up the words on the internet... and I obey his wishes, but reach for my iPhone because HELLO! - internet just inches away from my grasp!

So I pull up Safari and in the search window type these words: "Boy, you really got me going"

And that doesn't get quite the results I was looking for, so I revise my search and end up at this: page, where I discover that the words are not actually "Shut up, push it." And the husband laughs and is all proud of himself while I'm all embarrassed that I've gone like, twenty years thinking they were saying "Shut up" instead of "Ah". But I turn things around when I commence with whisper singing all the words to the song (that I'm reading off of iPhone), in bed, with my parents sleeping down the hall. There is a lot of laughing and joking and well.... the night ended quite nicely.

The End


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