Day Eight: Killer Whales

The other day, Daniel had to call Apple about our damaged power cords. We purchased the Apple Care plan for both Mac's so the whole process was relatively painless. Well, it was completely painless for me as I played the sick card and requested Daniel make the call. I usually am the one who takes care of things like this because of my experience in retail and customer service. After years of dealing with horrible customers, I do not hesitate to voice my opinions and concerns politely but with conviction. And if someone is rude to me or doesn't do what is within their power to do? Well, I can get a little frustrated and I will ask for a supervisor. Don't make me ask for a supervisor!

Daniel had a nice rep from Ghana. I know this because I overheard him making chit chat with the guy and the guy asked Daniel to guess where his accent was from. This was funny to me. What was even funnier? When Daniel was giving one of the Mac serial numbers to the rep, he did so by naming something that started with each letter. * When he got to "K" all he could come up with was "K" as in "Killer Whale." Bahaha! This made me guffaw, repeatedly. I don't know why, but I'm going to blame the Benedryl and deliriousness.

The End.

* There is a word for what he did, but all I can think of is acronym and that's not it. Also blaming the sickness for my brain not working at the moment. So, Yeah. This post took a nosedive, but at least I'm still posting.


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