Day Nine: The Light and Dark

He loves the sunlight, revels in it. He does not like Daylight Savings. He is happiest on a sunny day and loves to see me in the sunshine. He turns on every single light in the house (not just the room we're in). He likes curtains open so the rooms are bright and cheery.

I prefer moonlight; it relaxes me. I like the dark days of winter and was happy to see the changing of the clocks. I shade my eyes from the sun and wish the sky would just cloud up and rain on me. Storms are my favorite, I love walking in the rain and seeing the lightning across a dark sky. I follow him around the house, shutting the lights off and closing doors. Dark places, tight spaces are my favorite; they make me feel safe. I like the curtains shut. I feel more secure when no one can see inside my house, my world. I have trouble sleeping if even a glint of moonlight shines through the window. The funny thing is, my childhood nickname was Sunshine.

Our new house is bright and open and I love it. High ceilings, tons of windows with sunlight streaming in. I spend a lot of my days squinting. I crave curtains. We have thick blue curtains that we brought over from the old house. I loved those curtains. If I had the energy I would hang them now. We have long red curtains for our bedroom that Cheryl gave us. I want them up; he wants them down.

He likes the light.
I like the dark.


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