Well, my little family was up and out the door this morning at 10AM for Zoe's first movie theater experience. The showing was at 10:30 and I thought getting there at 10:15 would be ample time to get seated and situated. It was, but Wow! I was so surprised to see the theater full! Silly me thought we'd be the only ones willing to drag our family out to the movies so early. We got seats in the last row on the floor instead of the stadium seating and I think that was probably best. There was no one behind us to be bothered by Zoe standing up in her seat and we were far enough from the people closest to us that she couldn't reach out and touch someone.

Zoe really enjoyed Madagascar 2. She's a big fan of animals in general and when they're singing and dancing - that is even more awesome for her. She was in awe of the large images and color and didn't seem bothered by how loud the movie was - which has always been a concern for me. We made sure to bring snacks and drinks for her and that helped immensely when she got a little restless and more interested in the newborn that was right behind us. Anyway, she laughed. She danced. There might have been some head banging.

Afterwards we took her to lunch at Johnny Rockets and that was fun too. We wanted Zoe to have a fun "date" with her parents as something special before Finn gets here and I think that's exactly what we got. I hope to do some more special outings before he arrives, but we might not to the movie thing because it's not cheap. $7 for a one year old's movie ticket seems so extravagant to me - but it was an experience we'll look back at with fond memories, I'm sure.


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