3076. That's how many photos I have taken of my daughter since she was born nearly eighteen months ago. Let's do the math: My little one has been on the planet for 548 days, so that works out to being about 5 pics a day. Except, I didn't take 5 pics every day - which somehow seems more reasonable. Instead, I would go days and days without taking a picture and then all of a sudden I was uploading 100 pics of her in the same outfit , each photo nearly the same except she might have changed expression/position a little. And while we're being completely honest here, I've deleted tons of pictures of her. There were the ones that just weren't flattering at all - why save those? And then there were the ones where the lighting was bad and nothing could be done to salvage them. What has become evident though is this:

1. I am clearly obsessed with my child.
2. There is no way I'm going to be able to keep this up. Finn, I'm sorry. There just will not be as many photos of you. I don't think.
3. I'm pretty sure that all this photographing of my child has made me a better photographer. If I can capture her cuteness with all her running around, than I think I'm doing pretty good. So, I will chalk this up as training not obsession.

Yesterday afternoon I organized all my albums in iphoto and then tackled my flickr account. I got rid of quite a few "Sets" and then added a few for organizational purposes. It was my way of taking on a big project without leaving the confines of my bed/or recliner. The sickness is still strong with me and I am miserable. Daniel is demanding much rest and I am obliging... but slowly going mad from not being able to run around and do all the things I want to do around here. I hate being sick.


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