I've noticed it's harder for me to blog on Saturday's and Sunday's. Those are the days where I have Daniel with me and where I don't feel like I'm missing out on adult interaction. I feel less of a need to connect when I've got my favorite conversationalist here with me. Today I felt this even more because after a friend helped Daniel move Zoe's brand new and very heavy dresser into her room, we sat in our living room catching up with him and one of my favorite people - his fiance. We talked about weddings, theatre, Prop 8, politics, the environment, etc. and I felt happy to have them in our lives and friends who we can just sit back with and relax. I couldn't help but observe I am making lots of headway in my needing to have my house perfect when guests are over because I didn't even blink at the messy kitchen or the carpet that needs vacuuming. I mean, I'm freaking out a little about those things now, but for a time they were less important than getting to visit.

We'll be putting aside cleaning for important family events tomorrow:

We're taking Z out for her first movie theater experience. I think she's going to love Madagascar 2.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


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