It's Beginning...

To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Normally, I have a rule: No Christmas decorations or songs until the day after Thanksgiving. After years of retail, anything sooner puts me in a Scrooge like mood. I just like being able to focus on Halloween and Thanksgiving as their own special days and find that retail establishments pushing Christmas at us negates those days.

The thing is, I'm tired. As I get closer and closer to being full term, I find my energy waning. Between this huge belly (that measured 38 weeks* last Friday - I'm only 34 as of today) and Zo-Zo monkey I feel less and less motivation to take on big projects like decorating - and decorating for Christmas is always a big, fun project for me. I wanted to make sure I had the time to do it right, to make the first Christmas that Zoe is really aware of the festivities special for her. So, our tree is up now. My parents have decided to scale down so we traded them our 6 foot tree for their 9 foot tree, we did the trade this weekend. Our new tree is tall and stunning and warms our home with it's bright lights. Zoe is in absolute awe of it - which is a joy to see since last year she was indifferent to the fake tree in our living room. I still need to put our holiday knick knacks in their special homes around the house and implement some quick projects that I've been daydreaming about, but the bulk of the task is done just having things down from the attic and the tree decorated. I feel a sense of accomplishment (now I just need to finish Finn's nursery area of our room!) but I promise to keep photos of the Christmas cheer off of Flickr and this blog until after Thanksgiving. Oh, and just because the tree is up does not mean I'll be playing any Christmas music until next weekend - I have my rules!

* - My doctor assures me that measuring 38 weeks at my appointment is not a big deal. It doesn't mean I'm having Finn any sooner. What is far more likely is that Finn was just higher up at 10:30 am Friday morning. I don't know... the doc said something about my uterus being a swimming pool and my son doing laps. I'm not sure if that makes me feel better or not, but I've been told that my son is NOT huge and that everything is OK. OOOOOK. *Deep breath!*


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