Being a Parent is Easy

So, the other night we're wrapping up dinner and getting ready to get Zoe out of her highchair. Daniel is clearing up her "dessert" and getting ready to put the remains of it back in the refrigerator for another day.

General freak out/fussy/woe is me/how dare you try to end a meal! noises come from Zoe. If she had it her way, certain meals would go on and on and on.

Daniel pauses and looks at me as I look back and forth between him and our daughter. I'm exhausted, lounging on our couch and completely letting him run the show, but I offer this:

Me: She wants more, honey.
Him: Should I give her more?
Me: Well it is apples, not.... CRACK!* (I had paused as I tried hard to think of something we shouldn't give her too much of. Didn't want to say something boring like cookies or ice cream.)
Him: You need to blog this.

So - she got more apples and she was thrilled - like we'd given her the best thing in all the world. What can I say, sometimes she's easy to please.

* - And for the record: I know to not ever give my kids crack. Just in case you were worried. Also, I'm slightly snarky at this stage in my pregnancy, my apologies.


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