Scenes From a Pregnancy


(The Act opens in KEELY and DANIEL'S room. KEELY is stretched out across their queen sized bed and there seems to be no room at all for DANIEL. A lamp R. of the bed lights the stage dimly. KEELY has a look of amusement on her face as she observes her belly. DANIEL has just finished brushing his teeth offstage and is trying to assess if there is any room on the bed for him to lay down.)

KEELY. Look. (Lights fade up slightly. There is a spot on KEELY and her protruding, bare belly. It is almost ominous.)
DANIEL. Heh. He's moving, huh. (sits on the tiny open space R. of KEELY on the bed.)
KEELY. Yes. But look. This is my pregnant belly. (Beat.) This is me sucking it in. (KEELY takes a deep breath in, looks at her belly and then at her tired husband.)
DANIEL. Huh. (He sees no real difference.)
KEELY. Pregnant belly. Sucking it in. Pregnant belly. Sucking it in. (There is actually, no real difference but she is clearly amused and still has not budged from the center of the bed.)
DANIEL. Yep. (He attempts to squeeze his entire body onto the edge of the bed and lay his head on the sliver of his pillow that his wife is also monopolizing.)
KEELY. Pregnant belly. Sucking it in. There's no difference. I'm trying as hard as I can and there's this slight difference and then it pops right back out. (They both laugh. DANIEL sighs.)
DANIEL. I love you, honey. (They kiss.)
KEELY. I love you. (She beams at her sweet, patient husband who pats her belly and kisses it.)
DANIEL. Goodnight, Finn.

(DANIEL turns out the lamp. As the spot begins to fade down we see KEELY making her slow move from C. to L. of the bed. DANIEL helps her with her large pregnancy pillows and covers her with the blankets as he begins to shift/claim his side of the bed. We see KEELY throw the covers off of herself.)

KEELY. Its so hot in here! (DANIEL sits up abrupty.)
DANIEL. Do you need the fan?
KEELY. No, thank you.

(DANIEL sighs, lays his head on his pillow and closes his eyes. As the spot begins to fade even more we hear the commotion of KEELY getting comfortable. There are many audible grunts and moans from her as she adjusts and tries in vain to get as comfortable as she can at 33 weeks. We see flailing and general movement and confusion. This lasts a couple minutes and then there is silence.)


KEELY. I love you, Daniel.
DANIEL. (Muffled, half asleep already.) Love you.



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