Look how young I was!

High School version of Keely

As I was scanning photos in, I would show them to Zoe.

"Look at mama, Zoe!"

She'd stare very closely at the photo and then look at me for a moment. "Nooooooo!" giggle,giggle.

Like I had just told her a silly, silly lie and I wasn't fooling her. I know, kiddo. I barely recognize me either.

It sure was fun going down memory lane though!

1. High School Me's, 2. High School Me's, 3. High School Me's, 4. High School Me's, 5. High School Me's, 6. The gang - Senior Prom, 7. Me w/ my Sharon., 8. 15? With Ramsey..., 9. At a school show, 10. BFF from high school and me, 11. Silly Girls, 12. With one of my good pals

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