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I've got nothing especially riveting for you today. Cheryl took Zoe for me again so I could continue to rest and focus on getting to feel better. I stayed in bed for a majority of the day reading the second half of "Interred With Their Bones" (a novel about occult Shakespeare - very "Da Vinci Code", but not). It was a page-turner and I loved it. I'm on the look out for another good book to read, but I feel like I need a day to process this book first. I attempted to take a bath (for only the second time since we moved in here this past October) but that was not in the cards since I was not able to get the hot water to work. Defeated, I gave in and just took a fast luke warm shower, and went to go pick up Zoe.

Daniel and I had a nice dinner at Mac Grill. A precocious three year old in the booth behind us stared at the baby and me almost the entire time - that was fun. There were a few instances where I thought she just might flip over the booth and fall on my baby. I'm not even exaggerating. I love kids, but I thought I might pull my hair out that her parents didn't do jack. Apparently, I am a big grouch. Meh. Grr.

Other than that, I've got nothing for you. I feel like maybe last weekend wore me out so much emotionally and physically that my brain has suffered and I am lacking interesting things to say. I'm hoping this will pass quickly, but if it doesn't I'll figure out other ways to entertain you... not sure what, but I'll figure something out.


P.S. - Zoe is doing great. Laughing, smiling, drooling buckets. She's got two top teeth coming in, so it almost looks like she's a baby vampire. Cuter than it sounds, really. She's saying "Daddy" ALL. The. Time. She's standing on her own (while holding on to us or the couch) and I swear she's going to crawl before the weekend is over, if she feels like it. She does things when the mood strikes her. I'm trying to teach her the word and concept of "No" since she's taken to trying to gnaw on the dogs’ toys and this grosses me out (and pisses Bailey off). So far, no has not registered with her- she just laughs like I've told her something very, very funny. Really, she's bounced back to her old self and this makes her Daddy and I so happy we could do a song and dance number. For reals.


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