Sick Baby

As much as I love being a mom, I think I may have found my least favorite thing about being a mother: sick baby. Seeing your little one feeling bad is torture. Last night we ended up taking Zoe to the ER because her temperature was so high - one reading was 104, but for most of the night she was 103.6. The sweet little one had Daniel and I on alert, worrying and stressing and willing to deal with the ER on a Friday night. Despite her fever, she was alert and looking around at everyone. She was yelling and talking and flirting and laughing like she usually does. Frankly, I think she enjoyed all the attention. Three hours later, we were on our way home after ruling out pneumonia (chest X-rays) and a bladder infection (urinalysis via catheter). We're told to just ride this fever out, give her Tylenol and Motrin every three hours and to keep her hydrated.

Last night the whole family slept horribly and this morning we're all feeling kind of crappy. Even Bailey is having issues with her stomach. Zoe is restlessly sleeping next to me on the couch and still has a 103.6 temperature. Daniel is at the pharmacy picking up more Motrin, some Cortizone for her rash and some Pedialite. We needed all of those things, but what he really needed was to get out and feel like he was doing something. I'm not so sure I'll be participating in the Crockpot Challenge this week...


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