Right This Moment...

Right this moment I am sitting up straight on my bed, legs sprawled in front of me, typing on my laptop. The day has been long, but a good one. My house is clean for our guests that arrived this afternoon. Our budget for the next two weeks has been carefully logged in a spreadsheet - we are on a conservative budget (must stay away from Target!) The fridge is filled with our purchases from the grocery (enough food for lunch and dinner for seven days for $160, not bad). I feel exhausted but content.

Right this moment my husband is in the living room with his college roommate (our best man at our wedding) relaxing and watching his friend play Call of Duty on our PS3. It's awesome how they're able to pick up where they leave off, almost like they haven't been separated by time and space. I imagine that ten, twenty and thirty years (and beyond) from now they will be making each other laugh, telling stories, talking politics and playing video games. That saying "The more things change, the more they stay the same." is so very, very true. It was cool to see Zoe play with E & his girlfriend, E. Our evening made me wish they could stay longer or that they lived here we lived there. In any case, we should try to not let two years go by before we see them again.

Right this moment my dog children are snuggled close together in their dog bed wondering when Daniel is going to put them up in their crate for the night. It's nearly eleven and way after bedtime.

Right this moment Zoe is sleeping in her crib. She's had a long active night and almost no naps so I think she just may sleep in tomorrow.

Right this moment I am almost sleep walking. Eyes and limbs heavy. I should be in my pj's. I should be sleeping, were it not for my commitment to posting every day in 2008 - I would be. That's my cue!


NIght, folks!


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