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Purple Flower

The weather was so lovely here yesterday afternoon that Daniel and I decided to push Zoe around in her stroller in the Market Place near our grocery store. We enjoyed people watching and window-shopping and decided to check out what was new in the small bookstore that also has a comic shop in the back. We were stopped by this very nice woman who was all set up at a table doing a book signing for her two novels. She asked me to please read the back of them and said she knew I would like them. She'd said she'd written her soul into these books and wanted me to read them. Now, I'm not sure if she saw me walking in and knew I was a push over, or what - but I found her to be very convincing. I agreed to purchase one of her books and then she persisted:

"I really wish I could just give you this book. I really worked hard on this one."

Maybe it was her expression, or the way she complimented my baby but I caved. I bought two books from her that I have absolutely no interest in reading, ever. These two books have been personally inscribed and autographed to Daniel and me so I cannot even re-gift them, and that's OK. I realized a couple things though:

1. I'm a pushover.
2. I think I felt inclined to purchase her books because someday in the future I could very well be her - sitting at a table with my husband with books that he has written and hoping that people will want to give his books a chance.

Hey. I probably made her day. If nothing else, I've added to my good Karma!


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