Playtime and Visits

Zoe and I had a nice day together: hanging out in the backyard and walking to the nearby park. It's days like this where I think I cannot imagine spending my day any other way than with her... watching her experience things like touching grass and feeling the wind on her face while swinging for the first time. This is what I imagined being a SAHM would be like, and I am so grateful to get to do it.


What I did not do today was clean for our houseguest tomorrow.* That's a huge deal because generally I go into freak out mode when someone is expected for a visit. I've either grown and learned to not freak out over the small stuff, or Mel is so much like family that I know she won't care if the house is not spotless. It's probably the latter... and I'm likely to go into freak out mode later tonight, or two hours before I'm supposed to pick her up at the airport tomorrow.

I'm very excited for Zoe to get to meet her Aunt Mel and spend some time with her. I'm also excited to have my picture taken with my daughter and know that we'll get some good shots because Mel is so talented.** I'm also really looking forward to getting to see our friends, Near MIss Mallet (Missy and her hubby) play tomorrow night at a local coffee house. It will be the first time we've gotten to see them play since I was pregnant. What can I say? Tomorrow is a big, exciting day!

Oh - Don't be alarmed when you see no post from me... I'm taking the day off from blogging! It's my one day off of the year from Blog 365...

* Actually, Daniel and I just got finished running around the house cleaning what we could. We're now exhausted. I will undoubtedly find things to fuss over tomorrow morning, I'm sure.

** Not that Daniel is not talented, but he's not as comfortable with a camera and I tend to hog ours.

One more thing:

Tough Baby



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