Sunday's Rock

I'm sitting on the sofa full from a not so fabulous Crockpot Challenge meal. Italian Beef Sandwiches... not even going to post the recipe this week because it just wasn't worth it (but Daniel liked it). The family is enjoying the Oscars tonight. Which is pretty darn exciting for me, but the commercials are driving me nuts! Actually, they're better now that the preshow is over - there were so many commercials for local docs and furniture stores! This will probably come as no shock, but we haven't gotten to see most (all?) of the movies nominated what with the baby and all. That doesn't stop us from filling out our ballots with our guesses. So far, we're tied. Not sure what the prize is for the winner, but I'll think of something.

This blog will return to regular blogging tomorrow, I promise. For now, I'm too wrapped up in the television and trying to relax.

Ok, got to go... George Clooney is up.


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