TGIF, I guess

Our little perfect sleeper was up a lot last night - I think between the two of us we were up at least ten times trying to soothe her. The very last time I decided I was going to just bring her in bed with me. What she wanted was to be held and if at all possible for me to make sure her soothie never left her mouth. We both snoozed for a bit while Daniel got ready for work - when we woke up I felt her burning up. 102 degree fever. I got worried and called the doc and they had us bring her in. Turns out she's got a sore throat and we just have to ride it out. The good news is she is the most pleasant baby ever and being sick doesn't drag her down.

The bad news is we had to cancel our date night. We had Cheryl lined up to watch her while we went for dinner and a play (the one I was supposed to be in) and then possibly drinks after. But it's OK. I'm sort of looking forward to just nesting here with my little family. I had my yearly check-up today and that was.... interesting. My mind is spinning around the conversation we had. Everything is fine and I have no news for you, but things were said that I just wasn't expecting and I'm still trying to process all of it.

Other things I'm thinking about: Blogher. I finally registered with the network last night and Daniel is thinking I should go to the conference in San Francisco this July. I'm thinking I will - it sounds like too much fun to pass up. What about you guys?


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