Three years ago this evening, Daniel proposed to me. I'd actually proposed to him almost a year prior, at his parents house on his birthday... but we were both a little tipsy and he says he didn't realize I was actually proposing. I had given him a pocket watch with an engraved message on it and had asked him to marry me and he said yes, but apparently I was not clear that I wanted to become engaged right that moment. He said later that he thought I just meant I wanted to marry him someday. Oh, dear. Daniel wanted to plan something elaborate. We would have talks about when this elaborate plan would unfold and I was told the official proposal was coming soon, so I waited and waited. And waited.

So I waited and waited for almost a year for it to be official. We had some close calls: Valentines Day at home, my birthday at a nice restaurant, (where he gave me a book to start planning our honeymoon) Thanksgiving day at the beach. We joked about it and laughed and basically, I spent a year on edge anticipating when Daniel would ask me to be his wife.

The proposal ended up being impromptu. We'd just planned on having a special date night, but we got swept up in the moment and the great conversation and the next thing we knew Daniel was asking me to be his wife. I will always remember that night: where we sat, what we wore, how he looked when the question came out, that feeling I got in my heart and how we laughed and cried and celebrated with wine and dessert and National Treasure at the movie theatre two minutes from Mama Tosca's.

We'd planned on trying to have a similar night this evening. We'd planned on eating at Mama Tosca's and catching a movie after (too bad the sequel doesn't come out until the twenty-first) but we've opted to spend a quiet evening at home instead. Our budget going into the holidays does not allow for Mama Tosca's. So maybe we'll watch National Treasure on DVD and make the most of our new home. It doesn't really matter where we are as long as we're together.

Happy Anniversary, Daniel. I know we have like, three anniversaries (1st date, engagement, wedding) and as the years go by that may be hard to keep track of with all the other things going on in our lives, but I'm glad that we do. These dates changed my life (YOU changed my life) and I am so happy to get to remember their significance yearly. I love you infinitely.


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