Two out of Four

Well, this weekend has been somewhat productive. Things are actually hanging on the walls in our living room, dining room, kitchen and Zoe's room. We recycled, yay! We did our budget, boo! The chili I planned on making did not happen, we lacked the motivation to find a good recipe and get it done. We did not get to host our pals because their youngest one has the creeping crud and his mom thought it best to not risk getting Zoe and us sick. We appreciate that immensely because we three have a knack for catching stuff. I took a lot of pictures of the monkey and the dog kids. We laughed a lot. We relaxed.

You know what? This weekend was just the right amount of productive.

OH! Look at what my best gal pal, Alison did for us: Cute and sort of creepy all at once!


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