Embarrassing Fact:

Almost ten years ago I entered some online contest through US Weekly and I actually won. They sent me a copy of Chocolat on DVD and a box of Godiva chocolates. Ever since then, if I get an email about a contest (or if I come across one while surfing) I feel like I have to enter. If it's one of those sweepstakes where you can enter every day for an entire month or longer, I will either set up a file in gmail or I will add it to my bookmark bar for quick reference. I'm thinking it makes me a little nuts. I have not won a contest like this ever besides the US Weekly one, but a part of me thinks that someday I might win again and it will be something amazing like a trip to Italy or Scotland or something.

Do you have an odd quirk like this?

This is Bailey and Max in their embarrassing secrets*:

After: Christmas puppies (Tracy is the awesome!) :)

* Special thanks to the talented and beautiful Tracy for working her Photoshop magic on this photo. *hugsnorgle*


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