I have an appointment this Friday for my annual check up. I've been seriously considering canceling the appointment because I really feel like I've had my fair share of pelvic exams over the past two plus years. Between trying to get pregnant, being pregnant and the follow up exam to make sure everything healed correctly, I'm feeling done with my OB/GYN for a bit. I'd say I'm breaking up with him, but he broke up with me... and every other patient he had. Apparently, my doc has retired or quit practicing or something. A close friend (practically family) had been seeing him and when she went for her 15 (15?) week check up the front desk person asked her who her new doc was. What the heck? That sucks. Luckily, the office has lots of docs in it and my friend found a new doc that comes highly recommended, but still.

We brought Zoe into his office three months ago so he could meet and hold her. It was when we were getting all those tests done on her to find out why she wasn't gaining weight and I needed to see him. We waited for twenty minutes so he could finish with his patient and hold Zoe. His calm manner and joy at holding her put my mind at ease for those few minutes. I LOVE Doc Y. He was cuddly and smart and had a great bedside manner. He put my mind at ease and made me laugh. He was the perfect doc for me because he was so kind and explained everything so well. I'd thought that if we were lucky enough to get to have another baby, that he would be with us to get us through it. Is it weird that I worry about him and hope that he is OK and just retiring so he can travel with his wife and focus on his own family? The man probably doesn't give me a second thought, but he'll always be my favorite doctor I've ever met - and I've met A LOT of doctors.

So yeah. I feel like skipping my annual exam because he's gone. I know. Ridiculous. But really. I wish this didn't have to be a yearly thing. Gah.


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