With my friend here, I didn't get a chance to take the pictures I promised. I did pick up Daniel's and my Christmas present to each other early: a larger television. We'd been using a 23 inch that I purchased pre-Daniel and decided it was time to upgrade to a 40 inch LCD. I'm not sure if the larger living room was to blame (the couch sits back further) or just my eyesight faltering with age and the birth of a child, but with the old t.v. I was squinting to make out subtitles and people. It was ridiculous and frustrating. And now? It's glorious. I mean, it's just a television but I grew up with a small screen and this is like having our own mini theater. And Daniel? He's pretty excited to experience the Wii and PS3 with this new purchase.

We also picked up a highchair for Zoe today. I'm looking forward to us feeding her many meals in it and it will be nice to have her sitting up at the table for us - especially when both sets of her grandparents are here with us. It may sound cheesy, but I've been looking forward to us getting to eat together as a family for a long time. I'm especially excited because I've found a book with recipes for making Zoe her food. She's totally fine with the canned organic stuff, but again I'm looking forward to feeding her fresh stuff that I've prepared. I never imagined I would look forward to some of this - again, it's amazing how things change.

Tomorrow we'll possibly have a date night while Alison watches Zoe. Both of us really want to see The Golden Compass. Oh, and we still have a cocktail party tomorrow - that should be fun.



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